Update website and
count-down to the 1st of Feb

The time has come! The update of our website is live! With a split between Kamermuziek Concours Gelre and Kamermuziek Concours Jong Gelre and all pages worked out in Dutch, English and German, we invite you to discover our new website!

Participants up to 27 years old can find all necessary information regarding the competition at www.kamermuziekconcoursgelre.nl. Participants up to the age of 19 can click through via the button in the slider on the homepage to reach the Kamermuziek Concours Jong Gelre page which has been set up especially for them. Based on feedback and because our finals will be organised in Nijmegen, we have also developed the website in English and German. By doing so, we hope to welcome multilingual/international ensembles. Check it out!

Sign-up 1st of February
Make a note of 1 February in your diary, because that is when our entry forms open! We are very curious about the (new) talents that will apply for our competition this year.

Do you have any questions about the competition and/or registration? Then don’t hesitate to contact us! Participants up to 27 years old can reach us at info@kamermuziekconcourslgre.nl and participants up to 19 can send an e-mail to jong@kamermuziekconcoursgelre.nl.

For the third edition of Kamermuziek Concours Gelre, we will introduce Kamermuziek Concours Jong Gelre and split the ages of participants. This means: two competitions, two finals, or: more music!