Photo: Lizet Pennings

About us

Kamermuziek Concours Gelre aims to encourage young people and young adults who play classical music to develop their musical talents

Kamermuziek Concours Gelre aims to achieve its objective by organising a competition for young musicians playing classical music as a duo, trio or other ensemble

The competition is characterised by:

  • A preliminary round, a semi-final and a final;
  • The preliminary round and semi-final at Akoesticum in Ede;
  • The final in Concertgebouw De Vereeniging in Nijmegen;
  • The final jury consisting of 4 members, a jury chairman and a jury secretary;
  • Master classes by musicians from the international world of chamber music.
20220925 – Kamermuziek Concours Gelre 2022 – Willem Melssen Fotografie – 46

Award ceremony 2022 | Photo: Willem Melssen

Kamermuziek Concours Gelre believes that master classes best endorse its objective, it therefore wants to make this a spearhead

The very first competition took place in 2021. This first competition consisted of a preliminary round and a final, with the intention of expanding to the full format with a preliminary round, a semi-final and a full final the following year.

Mission en vision

Kamermuziek Concours Gelre sees the great interest in chamber music. There are numerous initiatives, varying in composition, choice of music and presentation. What was still missing was a competition specifically aimed at this genre within classical music. Kamermuziek Concours Gelre wants to fill that gap.

By organising a competition, Kamermuziek Concours Gelre wants to counter the impoverishment of young people’s cultural education in classical music and stimulate ensemble playing and cooperation in the genre of classical chamber music. Participation in the competition offers young people a chance to play in one of the most beautiful music halls in the Netherlands, namely concert hall De Vereeniging, in Nijmegen.

For those studying at a conservatoire, the Kamermuziek Concours Gelre competition is an important addition to the CV. All students at conservatoires are required to form an ensemble and give a number of concerts. Kamermuziek Concours Gelre aims to make its contribution not only by offering the opportunity to perform in one of the larger concert halls in the Netherlands, but also by being judged afterwards by a jury of leading professionals.

By participating, each ensemble has a chance of winning master classes to be given by a major musician of repute. Ascending, ensembles can add a triple strong addition (hall, prize and masterclass) to their CV.

Over ons_Afbeelding_02

Winners 2nd Prize + Audience Award: Duo Femke & Lidwien | Category 12 to 19 years | Photo: Willem Melssen

Kamermuziek Concours Gelre aims to encourage high-level ensemble playing and collaboration

For those who make music as enthusiasts, it enriches the individual. At all universities and colleges in the country, there are so many students who make music at a high level and with love, that a large stage, adjudication and master classes provide an enormous stimulus for them to develop further in this field too. And often this is already apparent in the period before: in the youth orchestras in the country, many talents can be discovered who enjoy making their mark in chamber music.

Who are we?

Kamermuziek Concours Gelre is a foundation. In addition to the foundation board, there is the Organisation Team. The board manages, the Organisation Team organises, directed by the secretary of the board. Kamermuziek Concours Gelre is very young: the foundation was established on 2 December 2019. A competition with a focus on classical music ensembles is unique. Kamermuziek Concours Gelre is supported by its Committee of Recommendation, of which composition KCG is proud.

Organising team

  • Tamara Baas – Marketing and Communication
  • Marie Meyran – Concert Production


The board

  • Prof. dr. Th.L.M. (Theo) Engelen – Chairman
  • Prof. dr. Chr. (Chris) van Weel – Vice Chairman
  • A. (Alfred) Snel – Secretary
  • Ir. K.H.J. (Koen) Delen – Treasury Secretary


The Committee of Recommendation currently consists of:

  • Liza Ferschtman, violinist
  • Henk Guittart, Artistic director of the Orlando Festival
  • C√©cile Huijnen, Concertmaster Phion, Huijnen & Hopman, columnist
  • Sabine d’Hont, Recorder and organiser of music courses
  • Han van Krieken, Rector Magnificus Radboud University
  • Harrie G.J. van den Elsen, Dean Prince Claus Conservatoire Hanzehogeschool Groningen
  • Janneke van der Wijk, Director of the Amsterdam Conservatoire
  • Eleonore Pameijer, Flute soloist
  • Ruud van der Meer, Baritone, founder and for many years director Prinses Christina Concours