Why take part in
Kamermuziek Concours Gelre?

Playing in Concertgebouw De Vereeniging in Nijmegen

You will play in Concertgebouw De Vereeniging, over 100 years old and praised by many famous musicians for its acoustics. Here you will gain concert experience. The concert is your ensemble’s best rehearsal.

20230924 – Kamermuziek Concours Gelre 2023 – Willem Melssen Fotografie – 50

Jurors 2023 | Photo: Willem Melssen

Getting feedback from a jury from the international chamber music world

Of course you would like to win First Prize, and we grant every ensemble the best prize. But perhaps even more important is getting feedback from musicians with their rich experience of concerts on the big stages and their knowledge of the repertoire. In previous editions, for example, pianist Bart van de Roer of the Storioni Trio and violinist Maria Milstein of the van Baerle Trio, English flutist Alena Walentin and Dutch cellist Quirine Viersen were on the jury.

Masterclasses can be won

The prize package at Kamermuziek Concours Gelre is multifaceted. The master classes are an important part. First, it is investigated what the winning ensemble needs now, the moment of their development. Then a masterclass teacher is sought and once found, contracted. For example, singer Claron McFadden and English flutist Emily Beynon were masterclass teachers. Both were very willing to let the winning ensembles share their experience. Emily Beynon spontaneously invited the ensemble to give a concert at Splendor in Amsterdam.

20230924 – Kamermuziek Concours Gelre 2023 – Willem Melssen Fotografie – 39

Winners 3rd Prize 2023: Utrecht Piano Trio | Photo: Willem Melssen

Winning the Podium Prize

The Podium Prize is established by Concertgebouw De Vereeniging, partner of Kamermuziek concours Gelre. It means being allowed to give a lunch concert in the main hall of De Vereeniging. These concerts are highly appreciated by audiences and therefore widely attended. Another concert experience and your name recognition is increased.

Winning the Festival Prize

The Festival Prize was born out of the collaboration with the Grachtenfestival in Amsterdam. It means giving a one-hour concert at the festival the following year. Many ensembles have made their names here. Being included in the programming of this festival is a must for any ensemble.

Strengthen and broaden your bachelor’s or master’s degree

All conservatoires are familiar with Kamermuziek Concours Gelre and appreciate its quality. This means that taking part, whether you win a prize or not, is already a plus as an addition to your study package. Moreover, the concert experience of the competition will carry over into your concert presentations at the conservatoire.

20230924 – Kamermuziek Concours Gelre 2023 – Willem Melssen Fotografie – 29

Winners 2nd Prize + Podium Prize 2023: Duo Saraswati | Photo: Willem Melssen

Getting the opening to the big stages

Kamermuziek Concours Gelre considers it very important to help young musicians get an opening to the big stages. Therefore, many festivals at home and abroad are approached and informed about the participating ensembles. Social media also play a role in this. The network is being built up tightly.

Kamermuziek Concours Gelre is for any musician aged 20 to 27 who plays classical music as a duo, trio or other ensemble, from ancient to contemporary, always without a conductor. The soloist is excluded. Kamermuziek Concours Gelre 2024 is international; it is open to all countries in Europe.

If you are under 20 years old, go to Jong Gelre.