Kamermuziek Concours Gelre does more

Of course, the competitions are the core, and at the same time also the start to the future. A large part of KCG’s work is spent finding and establishing contacts with the many festivals in the Netherlands and across national borders. This is the work of Marie Meyran, Concert Producer of KCG. This has led to the establishment of the Festival Prize last year: a concert at the Grachtenfestival in Amsterdam.

Rosa Spier House
The Rosa Spier House – a safe haven for older artists – was created according to the idea of harpist Rosa Spier, and has a beautiful concert and theater hall. Many musicians like to present themselves here to an audience of experts. KCG has conquered a place here. The first prize winners of 2023 will be on the agenda there on January 5: Set Duo with Zofia Kęsy (saxophone) and Te-Ping Teng (percussion).

Art in the Room
There are many organizations with this name in the Netherlands. The name says it all, small-scale chamber music concerts. KCG would like to invite them to come and listen to our final. The time has now come that ensembles are invited to play during the final by organizers of Kunst in de Kamer. Various ensembles have been able to shine on their stages in recent years.