Master classes winners 2022

At Kamermuziek Concours Gelre, prizes include master classes and concerts. Curious about what last year’s winners did? Or even better: are going to do?

First prize winner
The Dokwerk Saxophone Quartet, first prize winner at KCG 2022 was invited shortly after the finals in September 2022 by Podium Klassiek, the successor of Podium Witteman. And in March this year, they were allowed to perform at the famous Schiermonnikoog Festival. Soon, on May 31, they will present themselves in the main hall of Concertgebouw De Vereeniging as part of the lunch concert series.

Second prize winners
The duo Nina Broeva, violin and DamiĆ«n Heemskerk, piano, second prize winners at KCG 2022, will receive a master class on Wednesday, September 20, from none other than violinist Liza Ferschtman. The utmost will be taken out. In the words of Liza, “I would like to go to the depths.” The duo Femke Chu, violin and Lidwien Kuijpers, cello, second prize winners at KC Jong Gelre 2022 will also get this unique experience, as will the violin duo Menno Verloop and Anna Martirosian.

Third prize winners
The Brioso Trio with Martine Velthuis, violin, Mieke Glasbergen, piano and cellist Matthias Schwaiger Pearson, chose a master class from cellist Quirine Viersen. Each award-winning ensemble may indicate what they need now, the moment of their development.