Karmit Fadael


Dutch-Israeli composer Karmit Fadael (1996, Treuchtlingen DE) grew up in a small town in the north of the Netherlands. Her music education began on the violin. She started composing in 2012 after participating, as a (forced) highschool assignment, in the composition competition of the Dutch Wind Ensemble. Nowadays she has written for all kind of ensembles including commisions from the Radio Philharmonic Orchestra/NTR:Zaterdagmattinee, the Residentie Orchestra, Amsterdam Sinfonietta/Cello Biƫnnale, the North Netherlands Orchestra, Eija Kankaanranta/November Music and many others.

“As a person I’m emotional, stubborn, rational but also calm. You can recognize these characteristics in my music. I find it important to set goals, work hard and work close together with musicians. I always try to find a way to connect to the audience aswel as the performers.”