Free lunch concert Duo Saraswati

On Wednesday 28 February, Duo Saraswati, the Second Prize and Podium Prize winners of Kamermuziek Concours Gelre 2023, will give their won (free) lunch concert at De Vereeniging in Nijmegen. The programme includes McPhee – Balinese Ceremonial Music. Doors open at 12:30 and tickets can be ordered via De Vereeniging’s website. We wish Jan and Kris the best of luck!

It’s 1 February and that means we have opened the entry forms for Kamermuziek Concours Gelre and the Performance Day Jong Gelre 2024!

Click here for Kamermuziek Concours Gelre (20 to 27 years).

Click here for the Performance Day Jong Gelre (12 to 19 years).

Kamermuziek Concours Jong Gelre is now called Jong Gelre and launches the Performance Day Jong Gelre!

Performance Day Jong Gelre is for every young musician from 12 to 19 years old, both for those who are already studying at a conservatory or are perhaps considering doing so, or who know they will never do so, but who can make very beautiful music.

They present themselves as a duo, trio or any other ensemble of any size, but always without a conductor. To be clear, the soloist is excluded. The repertoire is classical music, from ancient to contemporary.

Choose what you want: playing alone in front of an audience, quite exciting. Or play for an audience and receive feedback from well-known musicians. Or play as a participant in the competition and win prizes, master classes from great musicians.

Of course, the competitions are the core, and at the same time also the start to the future. A large part of KCG’s work is spent finding and establishing contacts with the many festivals in the Netherlands and across national borders. This is the work of Marie Meyran, Concert Producer of KCG. This has led to the establishment of the Festival Prize last year: a concert at the Grachtenfestival in Amsterdam.

Rosa Spier House
The Rosa Spier House – a safe haven for older artists – was created according to the idea of harpist Rosa Spier, and has a beautiful concert and theater hall. Many musicians like to present themselves here to an audience of experts. KCG has conquered a place here. The first prize winners of 2023 will be on the agenda there on January 5: Set Duo with Zofia Kęsy (saxophone) and Te-Ping Teng (percussion).

Art in the Room
There are many organizations with this name in the Netherlands. The name says it all, small-scale chamber music concerts. KCG would like to invite them to come and listen to our final. The time has now come that ensembles are invited to play during the final by organizers of Kunst in de Kamer. Various ensembles have been able to shine on their stages in recent years.

Kamermuziek Concours Gelre is for musicians aged 20 to 27, but would also like to reach younger musicians aged 12 to 19. KCJG is combating the impoverishment of music education.

The musicians are aged 12 to 19, play classical music and would like to participate in the competition as a duo, trio or other ensemble, but… are still in doubt. That could be anything and who knows, we may be able to help.

The help that KCJG Academy can provide partly depends on the demand of the ensemble.

1) The members of the ensemble all have lessons, but lack a teacher who can turn the ensemble into an ensemble. KCJG looks for a teacher and links him to the ensemble for 2 or 3 sessions.

2) The members of the ensemble have already made a repertoire choice, but are still missing one musician. KCJG is looking for a possible candidate through its contacts.

You can read more about this on this page.

Wow! Yesterday was the finals of Kamermuziek Concours Gelre 2023 and how we enjoyed ourselves! After a musical afternoon and an exciting jury meeting, we were able to congratulate the following ensembles:

We are already extremely curious about the further course of the masterclasses and concerts to be received.

Muze Kwartet did not receive a prize, but played fantastically. You can listen to a short excerpt here.

Yesterday, Wednesday 20 September, were Liza Ferschtman’s three master classes to winning ensembles of the 2022 competition, followed by a beautiful afternoon concert by two of these ensembles. It was an incredibly musical day that we enjoyed immensely. We once again thank the participating ensembles, the audience and, of course, Liza Ferschtman! Below is a small selection of the masterclasses!

Anna & Menno: watch

Femke & Lidwien: watch

Nina & Damiën: watch

Curious for more? Then come and watch during this year’s finals next Sunday 24 September. Buy your tickets here!

The masterclasses (see previous news item) will be followed by an afternoon concert by two of the three ensembles. Read which pieces are on the programme below! Femke Chu & Lidwien Kuijper and Nina Broeva & Damiën Heemskerk will present their programme from 16:00h. Both combination and single tickets are available for the day. Take a look at De Vereeniging’s website!

On Wednesday 20 September, three finalists of Kamermuziek Concours Gelre 2022 will receive their prize in the Kleine Zaal of De Vereeniging: a masterclass by top violinist Liza Ferschtman. Audiences are allowed to attend these master classes. The following ensembles can be heard: Anna Martirosian & Menno Verloop, Femke Chu & Lidwien Kuijper and Nina Broeva & Damiën Heemskerk. Witness how young musicians are led into the secrets of true stage level. Read below which pieces are on the repertoire at the masterclasses. Tickets for the masterclasses can be ordered on De Vereeniging’s website here. This will be followed by an afternoon concert by two of these ensembles. More about that in the next news item!

Curious to hear how the finalists of the Kamermuziek Concours Gelre play? Then listen to some short excerpt recordings here! Tickets for the final in De Vereeniging in Nijmegen can be ordered online here.

Duo Saraswati: video

Muze Kwartet: video

SeT Duo: video

Utrecht Piano Trio: video

Van Gunseren Keinänen: video